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The Emergence of Normative Orders – ebook



Copernicus Center Press


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The Emergence of Normative Orders - ebook

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Key points

  • addresses philosophical and scientific issues connected with the origins of morality, rationality, justice and other normative orders
  • brings together contributions by philosophers and psychologists


A collection of essays assessing the origins of various rule-based systems including, but not limited to, morality, rationality and justice from the perspectives of both philosophy and psychology. The Reader will learn about diverse cognitive and neurocognitive phenomena responsible for the emergence of these normative orders such as imitation, time preferences and the dual-processing mind. Furthermore, the contributions include different philosophical insights into the genealogy of norms.


Bartosz Brożek, Antonino Rotolo, Wojciech Załuski, Tomasz Żuradzki, Corrado Roversi, Bram Heerebout, Łukasz Kurek, Mateusz Hohol, Katarzyna Eliasz, Łukasz Kwiatek

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