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100 Great Street Photographs – książka

David Gibson  



Prestel Publishing


Produkt fizyczny: Książka

100 Great Street Photographs - książka

122,00 zł


This celebration of contemporary street photography – in all its edgy, strange, beautiful, haunting, colorful, and humorous glory – brings together the work of a new generation of talented artists.

Over the past few decades, the long tradition of street photography has been wholly transformed by the proliferation of digital cameras, the Internet, and smartphones. A new generation of photographers have embraced this modern technology to capture the world around us in a way that is un-staged, of-the-moment, and real. Exploring this rich seam of emergent and exciting street photography, the 100 photographs featured in this book – the majority of which are previously unpublished and taken in the last few years – are presented on double-page spreads along with commentary about the work and its creator. Curated by David Gibson, a street photographer and expert in the genre, this stunning book offers a truly global collection of images. Gibson's insightful introduction gives an insider's overview of street photography, illuminating its historic importance and its renaissance in the digital age.
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