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Children's Book of Experiments – książka

Konrad Modzelewski  


Sierra Madre


Produkt fizyczny: Książka

Children's Book of Experiments - książka

29,90 zł


30 cards with amazing scientific experiments for children. Each card contains step-by-step instructions, scientific explanation and additional tips for kids.

Do you want to stimulate your child’s curiosity and passion for learning? Do you want them to gain practical knowledge while having great fun?

Childers’s Book of Experiments contains 30 cards with amazing experiments for young scientists. Take some everyday objects and start experimenting today!

Quality family time: have fun with your child while learning together

Passion for learning: rekindle curiosity and passion for learning in your child, help them discover and understand the fascinating world

Start right away: start experimenting together using everyday objects like a bottle or balloon

Intellectual development: help your child learn about biology, chemistry and physics, develop their creativity and independent thinking
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