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Reports on Mathematical Physics 83/3/2019 – książka




Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN


Produkt fizyczny: Książka


Local density matrices of many-body states in the constant weight subspaces
N-body localization for the Anderson model with strongly mixing correlated random potentials
Unifying entropies of quantum logic based on Renyi entropies
Time evolution of the variance of squeezed chaotic state in amplitude dissipation channel
A combines short pulse MKDV equation and its exact solutions by two-dimensional invariant subspaces
Generalizations of 2-dimensional diagonal quantum channels with constant Frobenius norm
A jet bundle approach to the variational structure of nonholonomic mechanical systems
The atomic density on the Thomas-Fermi lenght scale for Chandrasekhar Hamiltonial
A symmetric sequence of trigonometric orthogonal functions

Reports on Mathematical Physics 83/3/2019 - książka

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