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French Harpsichord Music 29CD – muzyka

Produkt fizyczny: Muzyka

French Harpsichord Music 29CD - muzyka

219,99 zł


A unique set, an extensive Anthology of French harpsichord music!
This set represents excellent value for money. It is the most comprehensive set yet of
French harpsichord music, and spans over 150 years, allowing the listener to fully
comprehend the remarkable changes that took place during this fascinating period.
In the early 18th century, the harpsichord has matured into its own style of short,
evocative character pieces, which owe less and less to the dance archetypes. And, while
the works of the Grand Siecle are full or grandeur and solemn grace, the century of Louis
XV is more inclined to elegance and lightness.
Recorded in Italy and The Netherlands, 2005 - 2015, by leading harpsichordists, specialists
French Harpsichord Music
in the style: Pieter - Jan Belder, Michael Borgstede, Francesco Cera, Yago Mahúgo, Franz
For the complete track list, see ‘Brilliant Classics Tracklist
Silvestri. Newly written liner notes are included in the booklet.
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