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RUSSIAN GUITAR 1800-1850 – muzyka




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Produkt fizyczny: Muzyka


? The seven-string guitar appeared in Russia in the 1790s and experienced
its Golden Age during the first half of the 19th century. This Box Set is a
monument to this remarkable era.
? The 7 CD’s of this set follow chronologically the development of the
guitar in Russia: from the very first works by the “Patriarch of the Russian
guitar” Andrey Sichra, through the Muscovite School of Aksionov,
Vysotsky and Vetrov, the St. Petersburg School with works by Morkov
and others, to the Romantics Alexandrov, Zimmerman and Sarenko.
? Also included are songs accompanied by the guitar and chamber music in
which the guitar has a prominent part.
? A unique project, played by master guitarist Oleg Timofeyev as soloist,
seconded by second guitarist John Schneiderman. Timofeyev wrote the
extensive and scholarly liner notes himself.
? With artist biographies and extensive liner notes written by the artist.

RUSSIAN GUITAR 1800-1850 - muzyka

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