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  • The Best Minds of My Generation – książka
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    The Best Minds of My Generation – książka

    Allen Ginsberg  

    A unique history of the Beats, in the words of the movement's most central member, Allen Ginsberg, based on a seminal series of his lectures In 1977, twenty years after the publication of his landmark poem 'Howl' and Jack Kerouac's On the Road, Allen Ginsberg decided it was time to teach a course on the literary history of the Beat Generation. Through this course, Ginsberg saw an opportunity to present...

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  • London's Triumph – książka
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    London's Triumph – książka

    Stephen Alford  

    Life in Europe was fundamentally changed in the 16th century by the astonishing discoveries of the New World and of direct sea routes to Asia. To start with England was hardly involved and London remained a gloomy, introverted medieval city. But as the century progressed something extraordinary happened. Stephen Alford’s evocative, original and fascinating new book uses the same skills that made his...

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  • The Long 68 – książka
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    The Long 68 – książka

    Richard Vinen  

    1968 saw an extraordinary range of protests across much of the western world. Some of these were genuinely revolutionary - around ten million French workers went on strike and the whole state teetered on the brink of collapse. Others were more easily contained, but had profound longer-term implications - terrorist groups, feminist collectives, gay rights activists could all trace important roots to...

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  • Churchill – książka
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    Churchill – książka

    Andrew Roberts  

    A magnificently fresh and unexpected biography of Churchill, by one of Britain's most acclaimed historians Winston Churchill towers over every other figure in twentieth-century British history. By the time of his death at the age of 90 in 1965, many thought him to be the greatest man in the world. There have been over a thousand previous biographies of Churchill. Andrew Roberts now draws on over...

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  • Capitalism in America – książka
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    Capitalism in America – książka

    Alan Greenspan   Adrian Wooldridge  

    'An inspiring, rip-roaring read - like the astonishing story it describes' Liam Halligan, Daily Telegraph Where does prosperity come from, and how does it spread through a society? What role does innovation play in creating prosperity and why do some eras see the fruits of innovation spread more democratically, and others, including our own, find the opposite? In Capitalism in America, Alan Greenspan,...

    Cena: 64,92 zł 92,74 zł


  • Money and Government – książka
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    Money and Government – książka

    Robert Skidelsky  

    The dominant view in economics is that money and government should play only a minor role in economic life. Money, it is claimed, is nothing more than a medium of exchange; and economic outcomes are best left to the 'invisible hand' of the market. The view taken in this important new book is that the omnipresence of uncertainty make money and government essential features of any market economy. One...

    Cena: 56,45 zł 80,64 zł


  • Living with the Gods – książka
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    Living with the Gods – książka

    Neil MacGregor  

    A panoramic exploration of peoples, objects and beliefs over 40,000 years from the celebrated author of A History of the World in 100 Objects and Germany, following the new BBC Radio 4 documentary and British Museum exhibition. One of the central facts of human existence is that every society shares a set of beliefs and assumptions - a faith, an ideology, a religion - that goes far beyond the life...

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  • The meaning revolution – książka
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    The meaning revolution – książka

    Fred Kofman  

    Forget the standard practices of leadership taught in business school -- all about compensation, command and control. This is a new model for how to inspire -- through purpose, principle and people. The Meaning Revolution is Fred Kofman's call to arms for anyone who has ever felt unengaged at work and offers actionable advice for how we can all find more meaning and dignity whatever we do. Bringing...

    Cena: 53,98 zł 77,12 zł


  • Europe – książka
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    Europe – książka

    Tim Flannery  

    A place of exceptional diversity, rapid change, and high energy, for the past 100 million years Europe has literally been at the crossroads of the world: ever since the interaction of Asia, North America and Africa formed the tropical island archipelago that would become the continent of today. In this unprecedented ecological history, Tim Flannery shows how Europe has absorbed wave after wave of...

    Cena: 73,50 zł 105,00 zł


  • Trans-Europe Express – książka
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    Trans-Europe Express – książka

    Owen Hatherley  

    In Trans-Europe Express, Owen Hatherley sets out to explore the European city across the entire continent, to see what exactly makes it so different to the Anglo-Saxon norm - the unplanned, car-centred, developer-oriented spaces common to the US, Ireland, UK and Australia. Attempting to define the European city, Hatherley finds a continent divided both within the EU and outside it.

    Cena: 56,20 zł 80,28 zł


Liczba pozycji: 574

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