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  • Bądź bystry u dentysty. Jak mieć uśmiech celebryty i nie bać się stomatologa – ebook

    Dorota Stankowska   Przemysław Stankowski  

    Wyjątkowy poradnik, jak nie stracić swoich zębów i odwiedzać dentystę z przyjemnością — WESOŁE opowiadania oparte na faktach! Dowiedz się, co może zrobić dla Ciebie nowoczesna stomatologia i jak dobrze zainwestować swoje pieniądze! „Bądź bystry u dentysty nie jest zwykłym poradnikiem. To spojrzenie na możliwości współczesnej stomatologii przez pryzmat zabawnych, ale prawdziwych historii. Nie tylko...

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  • Prowansja i Lazurowe Wybrzeże – książka

    Prowansja i Lazurowe Wybrzeże – książka

    • Pastis czy anyżek? • Gdzie jest atelier Cézanne’a? • Co łączy Prowansję i Persję? • Gdzie został pochowany Albert Camus? Prowansja i Lazurowe Wybrzeże, czyli nowe spojrzenie na Francję. Podczas wyjazdu z Pascalem odkryjesz lawendowe wybrzeże. Pełna słońca i bajecznych kolorów Prowansja, najbardziej śródziemnomorska ze wszystkich francuskich prowincji, od razu kojarzy się z Francją, a wbrew pozorom...

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  • Xenophobe's Guide to the Japanese – książka

    Xenophobe's Guide to the Japanese – książka

    Individuality and selfishness are as welcome as a sumo wrestler barging the line at a buffet. I’m Japanese and I like it. Many things in this little book are frighteningly so true. Entertaining, well observed and fairly evaluated from the Western cultural perspective. It’s not really a ‘guide book’ as such. Instead, it gives you a brilliant cultural comparison, their mentality and the physical environment...

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  • Red Atlas – książka

    Red Atlas – książka

    John Davies   Alexander J. Kent  

    Nearly thirty years after the end of the Cold War, its legacy and the accompanying Russian-American tension continues to loom large. Russia's access to detailed information on the United States and its allies may not seem so shocking in this day of data clouds and leaks, but long before we had satellite imagery of any neighborhood at a finger's reach, the amount the Soviet government knew about your...

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  • Lonely Planet Bangkok – książka

    Lonely Planet Bangkok – książka

    Same same, but different. This Thailish T-shirt philosophy sums up Bangkok, a city where the familiar and the exotic collide like the flavours on a plate of pàt tai. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Bangkok, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice. Lonely Planet’s Bangkok is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden...

    Cena: 77,96 zł


  • Collins World Atlas Essential Edition – książka

    Collins World Atlas Essential Edition – książka

    Fully revised and updated reference atlas in the exciting Collins world atlas range. This atlas provides more mapping area than any other atlas at this price. Key statistics, facts and flags for ever country of the world are included in the introductory section giving the user quick access to essential facts. These are supplemented by internet links to the most appropriate websites which provide opportunities...

    Cena: 49,62 zł


  • Helsinki: The Monocle Travel Guide Series – książka

    Helsinki: The Monocle Travel Guide Series – książka

    Helsinki is a tale of two cities. Arrive mid-winter and you’ll find a frosty wonderland of deserted, snow-caked streets, the residents holed up in cosy, impeccably designed cafés. Come in summer, when the sun refuses to set, and you’ll catch locals partying merrily into the early hours and leaping gleefully into the Baltic Sea. The Finnish capital is used to being eclipsed by its older – and perhaps...

    Cena: 79,00 zł


  • Unforgettable Things to do before you die – książka

    Unforgettable Things to do before you die – książka

    Steve Watkins   Clare Jones  

    You only get one life. Make it a memorable one. This is the second title in an exciting international bestselling series of books that will help you search out essential sights and experiences around the world. In Unforgettable Things to Do Before You Die, international travel writers and photographers Steve Watkins and Clare Jones draw on their years of experience to select their ultimate trips...

    Cena: 91,00 zł


  • Tokyo The Monocle Travel Guide Series – książka

    Tokyo The Monocle Travel Guide Series – książka

    Tyler Brûlé   Andrew Tuck   Joe Pickard  

    An epic journey through Tokyo’s outposts of good food, design, retail, and more, this definitive travel guide will make you feel like a local no matter where you are from. It would take a lifetime to get to know every facet of Tokyo—so large that it spreads as far as the eye can see. But look closely and you will find a city of exceptional charm and breathtaking efficiency. The Japanese capital...

    Cena: 79,00 zł


  • The Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks and Markets – książka

    The Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks and Markets – książka

    Revealing Monocle’s 100 favorite shops worldwide, from the independent fashion boutique to the department store that takes up a city block, this is a new practical guide complete with case studies, a collection of sharp essays, snappy interviews, contacts and tips – a toolbox for the retail-minded and those with their own shop in prospect. The Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks and Marketsis a handbook...

    Cena: 159,00 zł


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