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  • A History of Intellectual Property in 50 Objects – książka
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    A History of Intellectual Property in 50 Objects – książka

    den Kamp Claudy Op   Dan Hunter Hunter  

    What do the Mona Lisa, the light bulb, and a Lego brick have in common? The answer - intellectual property (IP) - may be surprising, because IP laws are all about us, but go mostly unrecognized. They are complicated and arcane, and few people understand why they should care about copyright, patents, and trademarks. In this lustrous collection, Claudy Op den Kamp and Dan Hunter have brought together...

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  • How Technology Works – książka
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    How Technology Works – książka

    Have you ever asked yourself how the inventions, gadgets, and devices that surround us actually work? Discover the hidden workings of everyday technology with this graphic guide. How Technology Works demystifies the machinery that keeps the modern world going, from simple objects such as zip fasteners and can openers to the latest, most sophisticated devices of the information age, including smart...

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  • Leonardo da Vinci – książka
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    Leonardo da Vinci – książka

    ‘Walter Isaacson is not an art historian, he’s simply a lover of Leonardo, who manages to communicate the sheer joy of this remarkable man’ Books of the Year - The Times ‘Walter Isaacson keeps the mortal man to the fore. For all his supernatural gifts as an artist and natural scientist. Leonardo was resolutely human (illegitimate, vegan, in need of patrons) rather than the near deity of legend. Isaacson...

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  • Porsche 911 – książka
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    Porsche 911 – książka

    Ulf Poschardt  

    The thinking man’s sports car: a symbol of the relentless desire for peak power and limitless performance. The Porsche 911 inspires a worldwide ripple effect. When Ferdinand Porsche could not find a sports car he liked, he decided to build one himself. And now, the rest is history: Jerry Seinfeld drives it; Boris Johnson admires it; Steve McQueen loves it; and Jeremy Clarkson hates it. The Porsche...

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  • The Death of the Gods – książka
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    The Death of the Gods – książka

    Carl Miller  

    THE OLD GODS ARE DYING. Giant corporations collapse overnight. Newspapers are being swallowed. Stock prices plummet with a tweet. NEW IDOLS ARE RISING IN THEIR PLACE. More crime now happens online than offline. Facebook has grown bigger than any state, bots battle elections, coders write policy, and algorithms shape our lives in more ways than we can imagine. The Death of the Gods is an exploration...

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  • Work Rules! – książka
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    Work Rules! – książka

    Laszlo Bock  

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERWALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER The Globe and Mail Top Leadership and Management BookForbes Top Creative Leadership Book From the visionary head of Google's innovative People Operations comes a groundbreaking inquiry into the philosophy of work-and a blueprint for attracting the most spectacular talent to your business and ensuring that they succeed. "We spend more time working...

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  • VELO City – książka
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    VELO City – książka


    For a cycling enthusiast, only the perfect bicycle will do. Enthusiasts adapt their creations to every terrain and every taste--from chic baroque bicycles with frivolous details to minimal city bikes; from remakes of classic cruisers to robust cargo bikes. Fully equipped SUV two-wheelers are ready to roam through rocky terrain, while the latest electric technologies are perfect for pushing tired muscles...

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Liczba pozycji: 57

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