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  • The End of Alzheimer's – książka

    The End of Alzheimer's – książka

    Dale E. Bredesen  

    The first proven plan to reverse Alzheimer's Disease. In The End of Alzheimer's Dr Dale Bredesen offers real hope to anyone looking to prevent and even reverse Alzheimer's Disease and the cognitive decline of dementia. Revealing that AD is not one condition but in fact three, he outlines 36 metabolic factors, including micronutrients, hormone levels and sleep, which together can trigger downsizing...

    Cena: 67,20 zł


  • International Law – książka

    International Law – książka

    Malcolm N. Shaw  

    International Law is the definitive and authoritative text on the subject, offering Shaw's unbeatable combination of clarity of expression and academic rigour and ensuring both understanding and critical analysis in an engaging and authoritative style. Encompassing the leading principles, practice and cases, and retaining and developing the detailed references which encourage and assist the reader...

    Cena: 205,75 zł


  • Science Of Yoga – książka

    Science Of Yoga – książka

    Ann Swanson  

    Explore the biomechanics of 30 key yoga poses, in-depth and from every angle, and master each asana with confidence and control. Did you know that yoga practice can help with age-related memory loss, or that the correct way to breathe throughout a sun salutation is influenced by what is happening to your organs as you move? Recent scientific research now backs up what were once anecdotal claims about...

    Cena: 66,00 zł


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