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  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone Hufflepuff – książka
    TANIEJ 5 %

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone Hufflepuff – książka

    J.K. Rowling  

    Celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter magic with four special editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw ...Twenty years ago these magical words and many more flowed from a young writer’s pen, an orphan called Harry Potter was freed from the cupboard under the stairs - and a global phenomenon started. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has...

    Cena: 69,83 zł 73,50 zł


  • Gnomon – książka
    TANIEJ 5 %

    Gnomon – książka

    Nick Harkaway  

    Near-future Britain is a state in which citizens are constantly observed and democracy has reached a pinnacle of 'transparency.' Every action is seen, every word is recorded and the System has access to thoughts and memories. When suspected dissident Diana Hunter dies in custody, it marks the first time a citizen has been killed during an interrogation. Mielikki Neith, a trusted state inspector, is...

    Cena: 43,04 zł 45,31 zł


  • Speaking in Bones – książka
    TANIEJ 5 %

    Speaking in Bones – książka

    Kathy Reichs  

    The compelling new Dr Temperance Brennan novel from the world-class forensic anthropologist and Number 1 bestselling author Kathy Reichs. When forensic anthropologist Dr Tempe Brennan is approached by amateur detective Hazel `Lucky' Strike, at first she is inclined to dismiss the woman's claims that she's matched a previously unidentified set of remains with a name. But as the words of a terrified...

    Cena: 38,00 zł 40,00 zł


Liczba pozycji: 293

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