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Academic teachers under stress in the publish or perish era – ebook


Maciej Mitręga   Anna Wieczorek  






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This book is dedicated to all scholars from all over the world that choose very difficult profession and struggle nowadays with "publish and perish" academic culture. The empirical study presented in the book focuses on academic teacher stress. We applied qualitative research design to identify stressors experienced by scholars employed at Polish universities. These stressors referred to such main categories, as: teaching, workplace, research, pressures, conflicts and collaboration. The academic collaboration was found as highly stressful factor due to a variety of reasons, however networking appears to be a leverage to academic career, especially while confronted with recently observable strong pressure to publish in top-tier journals. This book emphasizes the complexity of academic stress and networking and suggests facilitating these aspects in policy making in higher education.

Academic teachers under stress in the publish or perish era - ebook

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