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Coffee: It's not rocket science – książka


Sebastien Racineux   Tran Chung-Leng  






Produkt fizyczny: Książka


Packed with more coffee knowledge than your local roaster and faithful barista combined, this fun, cleverly illustrated, highly informative guide presents a whole new way to understand and enjoy all types of coffee. Perfect for the coffee novice, it's also chock-full of expert information that even the most seasoned coffee lover will find useful and interesting. Coffee: It's Not Rocket Science includes:- Profiles of 22 countries that harvest coffee and their multitude of beans.
- Information on the evolution of the coffee bean from the farmer to the roaster and finally to the barista. - How to properly grind beans for a variety of brews and coffee makers in order to achieve the best-tasting drink. - How to choose which type of coffee machine is right for you.
- How to distinguish the aroma, body and flavour in every sip. - Lessons in latte art...and so much more.

Coffee: It's not rocket science - książka

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