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Family and Friends 4 Class Book – książka


Naomi Simmons  



Oxford University Press


Produkt fizyczny: Książka


New Family and Friends 2nd Edition combines brand-new fluency, culture, assessment, and digital resources with the features teachers love from the first edition; fast-paced language, strong skills training, unique phonics programme, civic education and comprehensive testing.

Fluency Time! sections introduce functional, everyday language so pupils can hold a conversation from the very beginning
Hands-on project and craft activities provide fun, motivating speaking practice
Optional culture pages offer more variety and opportunities for cultural comparisons
Online Practice you can assign and track
Teacher's Book Plus Package with Classroom Presentation Tool, Fluency DVD and Teacher's Assessment and Resources content
Songs, interactive activities, animated stories and picture dictionary can be found on the Student's Site

Family and Friends 4 Class Book - książka

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