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Kaleidoscope of Poland – książka


Oscar E. Swan  




Prolog Publishing


Produkt fizyczny: Książka


KALEIDOSCOPE OF POLAND is a highly readable volume containing short articles on major personalities, places, events, and accompli­shments from the thousand-year record of Polish his­tory and culture. Featuring hundreds of entries and illustrations, it provides a handy reference at home, a perfect supplement to guide books when traveling, an aid to language study, or it can be browsed with enjoyment by anyone with an interest in Poland.

Whether it is bagels or the Bug River, Chopin or Madame Curie, the book offers colorful and often witty snapshots of significant individuals, customs, folklore, historic events, phrases, places, geography, and much, much more. Beginning with the emergence of the Polish state in 966 under Mieszko I, to the resurrection of present-day Poland within the European Union, it’s also a sweep­ing account of the tumult and triumphs the nation has witnessed through much of its history.

This entertaining yet informative book is essentially a “cultural dictionary”—offering a knowl­edge base that can be referred to time and time again. It will be welcomed by readers of Polish descent, students of Polish, or those planning to visit Poland—anyone seeking a greater insight into this fascinating land.

Kaleidoscope of Poland - książka

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