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Live the Polish Way of Life & Jakoś to będzie – książka


Beata Chomątowska   Dorota Gruszka   Daniel Lis   Urszula Pieczek  





Produkt fizyczny: Książka


Things will work out somehow. The perfect philosophy for tough times – BBC

Having a lousy day? The alarm didn’t ring? Your mate’s hacked you off?

Don’t worry: Jakoś to będzie! [Ya-kosh toe ben-jay]

What makes you absolutely certain you can handle every problem? What does Polish hot temper and how does it help in everyday life? Do you find Polish jokes funny? What can you learn from the Poles?

In this inspiring illustrated book, the Poles reveal their less known side. Get familiar with Polish cuisine and design, values and ideals. Discover the unique Slavic philosophy of life, formed in the heart of Europe, where the East meets the West.

JAKOŚ TO BĘDZIE means the unique philosophy in which there are no adversities that cannot be overcome, a phenomenon described by the BBC and recognised by the singer of Pearl Jam, who opened their concert in Poland with the motto ‘Jakoś to będzie!’

Get to know the unique philosophy of life.

I love this way of life. The Austrian – Schau ma mal! Or Hungarian – Majd less valahogy! Or the Czech – Nějak to bude! Well, Central European way of thinking! John

Live the Polish Way of Life & Jakoś to będzie - książka

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