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Poland and Europeanization 2004-2010 – książka


Małgorzta Klatt  






Produkt fizyczny: Książka


This book deals with the important issue of Poland’s adaptation to the EU regulations, norms and values, while striving to maintain its identity in its policies towards Eastern neighbours and Russia. More specifically, the book examines how the EU influences the formation of Poland’s policies, and at the same time, how Poland’s point of view is changing the EU’s approach towards the East. The originality of this publication results from its focus on the reciprocal links within the framework of EU membership, both in the vertical and horizontal dimension. A multidimensional understanding of Europeanization enables the author to explore the effects of the spreading of values and norms within the EU, but also their “export” to non-member states. It is a useful resource for students, researchers and experts on the EU and the Eastern European issues.

Poland and Europeanization 2004-2010 - książka

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