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Wind – książka


Santiago Lange  




Benevento Publishing


Produkt fizyczny: Książka


At the age of 54 and just one year after undergoing surgery to fight lung cancer, Santiago Lange amazed the sporting world when he and his teammate Cecilia Carranza won the gold medal in sailing at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. His victory was an incomparable demonstration of his will to fight and gave the world of sailing an unforgettable moment of glory.

In Wind, the inspirational athlete recalls his introduction to the sport as a child, his first Olympic Games, his participation in regattas all around the world, and his time at the America’s Cup. Alongside these highs he also reflects upon the conflicts caused by his passion for the sport.

Wind portrays Lange’s resilience and tenacity, telling the story of a man who relentlessly followed his dream even in the face of tremendous adversity. Furthermore, it is a glorious and triumphant comeback tale.

Wind - książka

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