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after dark

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  • The Dark Side of the Moon – książka
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    The Dark Side of the Moon – książka

    John Harris  

    Over three decades after its relase, Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" remains one of the most acclaimed albums of all time. Its sales total around 30 million copies worldwide, and it continues to sell 250 000 copies a year. In its first run, it took up residence in the US charts for a mind-boggling 724 weeks, according to recent estimates, one in five British households owns a copy. But, as...

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  • Extraordinary Records – książka
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    Extraordinary Records – książka

    Now available as part of TASCHEN's Bibliotheca Universalis series, this dazzling catalog of vinyl brings new meaning to the "album art." Produced in collaboration with Colors magazine, it brings together over 500 remarkable records from the collection of Alessandro Benedetti and Peter Bastine. The book forms a junction between photography, music, and design, celebrating vinyl not only for the integrity...

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