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  • Sinatra The Chairman – książka
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    Sinatra The Chairman – książka

    James Kaplan  

    Finally the definitive biography that Frank Sinatra, justly termed ‘The Entertainer of the Century,’ deserves and requires. Like Peter Guralnick on Elvis, Kaplan goes behind the legend to give us the man in full, in his many guises and aspects: peerless singer, (sometimes) powerful actor, business mogul, tireless lover and associate of the powerful and infamous. In 2010’s Frank: The Voice, James Kaplan,...

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  • Ornament and Crime – książka
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    Ornament and Crime – książka

    Adolf Loos  

    Revolutionary essays on design, aesthetics and materialism - from one of the great masters of modern architecture Adolf Loos, the great Viennese pioneer of modern architecture, was a hater of the fake, the fussy and the lavishly decorated, and a lover of stripped down, clean simplicity. He was also a writer of effervescent, caustic wit, as shown in this selection of essays on all aspects of design...

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  • Licence to be Bad – książka
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    Licence to be Bad – książka

    Jonathan Aldred  

    'It is going to change the way in which we understand many modern debates about economics, politics, and society' Ha Joon Chang, author of 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism Over the past fifty years, the way we value what is 'good' and 'right' has changed dramatically. Behaviour that to our grandparents' generation might have seemed stupid, harmful or simply wicked now seems rational,...

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  • Gorbachev's Gamble – książka
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    Gorbachev's Gamble – książka

    Andrei Grachev  

    Gorbachev’s Gamble offers a new and more convincing answer to this question by providing the missing link between the internal and external aspects of Gorbachev’s perestroika. Andrei Grachev shows that the radical transformation of Soviet foreign policy during the Gorbachev years was an integral part of an ambitious project of internal democratic reform and of the historic opening of Soviet society...

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  • Michael Faraday and the Electrical Century – książka
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    Michael Faraday and the Electrical Century – książka

    Iwan Rhys Morus  

    The only scientist to ever appear on the British twenty pound note, Michael Faraday is one of the most recognisable names in the history of science. Faraday’s forte was electricity, a revolutionary force in nineteenth-century society. The electric telegraph had made mass-communication possible and inventors looked forward to the day when electricity would control all aspects of life. By the end of...

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  • Bruce Lee – książka
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    Bruce Lee – książka

    Bruce Lee was instrumental in the global popularity of martial arts, and he is still the most famous martial artist in the world, some 40 years after his death in 1973. He appears in video games, he has ranges of branded clothing and other goods, and his movies are constantly being re-issued to audiences hungry for more. But Bruce was a man of action in all aspects of his life. Before he made a name...

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  • More Orgasms Please – książka
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    More Orgasms Please – książka

    An orgasm will help you sleep and keep you looking younger, it doesn’t cost money and isn’t a scarce resource. So why is it that, like the pay gap, there is an ‘orgasm gap’ between women and men? The Hotbed Collective began life as a podcast with a mission ‘to make life better one orgasm at a time’. Their debut book, More Orgasms Please is an open, honest and at moments hilarious dive into all aspects...

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  • Chronicles of a Liquid Society – książka
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    Chronicles of a Liquid Society – książka

    Umberto Eco  

    Umberto Eco was an international cultural superstar. A celebrated essayist as well as novelist, in this, his last collection, he explores many aspects of the modern world with irrepressible curiosity and wisdom written in his uniquely ironic voice. Written by Eco as articles for his regular column in l’Espresso magazine, he brings his dazzling erudition, incisiveness and keen sense of the everyday...

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