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  • Internet Psychology – książka
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    Internet Psychology – książka

    Yair Amichai-Hamburger  

    We can't imagine our lives without the Internet. It is the tool of our existence; without it we couldn't work, plan our social and leisure activities, and interact with friends. The Internet’s influence on contemporary society extends across every aspect of our personal and professional lives, but how has this altered us in psychological terms? How are we to understand how the Internet can promote...

    Cena: 73,15 zł 77,00 zł


  • Lessons in Stoicism – książka
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    Lessons in Stoicism – książka

    John Sellars  

    A deeply comforting and enlightening book on how Stoicism can inspire us to lead more enjoyable lives What aspects of your life do you really control? What do you do when you cannot guarantee that things will turn out in your favour? And what can Stoicism teach us about how to live together? In the past few years, Stoicism has been making a comeback. But what exactly did the Stoics believe? In Lessons...

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  • Digital Human – książka
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    Digital Human – książka

    Chris Skinner  

    We are living in the fourth age of humanity. First, we became human. Then we became civilized. The third age saw the creation of commerce. Now, we are becoming digital. Technology has changed the way we communicate, trade, and transact, with repercussions extending far beyond our personal spheres. Digital Human is a visionary roadmap for the future, a timely guide on how to navigate the world of finance...

    Cena: 119,65 zł 125,95 zł


  • Skin in the Game – książka
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    Skin in the Game – książka

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb  

    From the bestselling author of The Black Swan, a bold book that challenges many of our long-held beliefs about risk and reward, politics and religion, finance and personal responsibility Why should we never listen to people who explain rather than do? Why do companies go bust? How is it that we have more slaves today than in Roman times? Why does imposing democracy on other countries never work? The...

    Cena: 43,84 zł 46,15 zł


  • Bauhaus Goes West: Modern Art. And Design in Britain and America – książka
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    Bauhaus Goes West: Modern Art. And Design in Britain and America – książka

    Bauhaus Goes West is the story of cultural and artistic exchange between Germany and the West over a period of seventy years. It presents a view of the influential Bauhaus school in relation to the wider modernist period, distinguishing between the received idea of the Bauhaus and the documented reality. Initially, the Bauhaus was seen as an educational experiment, only later was it recognized as a...

    Cena: 114,76 zł 120,80 zł


  • Blueprint – książka
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    Blueprint – książka

    Robert Plomin  

    One of the world's top behavioural geneticists argues that we need a radical rethink about what makes us who we are The blueprint for our individuality lies in the 1% of DNA that differs between people. Our intellectual capacity, our introversion or extraversion, our vulnerability to mental illness, even whether we are a morning person - all of these aspects of our personality are profoundly shaped...

    Cena: 42,71 zł 44,96 zł


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