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  • Od zera do ECeDeeLa Base – książka
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    Od zera do ECeDeeLa Base – książka

    Patryk Pić   Rafał Bury   Marlena Gancarzewicz   Łukasz Pawełczyk  

    Książka Od Zera do ECeDeeLa Base, to nie tylko poradnik dla osób, które zaczynają dopiero swoją przygodę z komputerem, ale również może być przeznaczona dla wszystkich, którzy aktywnie korzystają, na co dzień z komputera, jako kompendium wiedzy oraz uzupełnienie dotychczas zgromadzonych informacji. Treści przedstawione w książce zostały zaprezentowane w prosty i przejrzysty sposób, by każdy mógł samodzielnie...

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  • Facilissimo A1 Kurs + CD – książka
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    Facilissimo A1 Kurs + CD – książka

    Facilissimo è un corso rapido per turisti che consente in poco tempo, senza sforzi e in modo intuitivo di imparare a destreggiarsi nelle principali situazioni comunicative. È particolarmente indicato per chi: si trova in Italia per un breve soggiorno turistico e desidera raggiungere rapidamente un livello che gli consenta di gestire situazioni comunicative di base dispone di poco tempo da dedicare...

    Cena: 83,51 zł 87,90 zł


  • TANIEJ 5 %

    Personal Income Tax – ebook

    Dominik Gajewski  

    Chapter 1 General Description of the Tax Chapter 2 Taxpayers of the Tax 2.1 Taxpayers of the PIT - introductory remarks 2.2 Unlimited and limited tax-paying liability 2.3 Agreements on avoidance of double taxation 2.4 Taxation of underage persons 2.5 Joint taxation of spouses 2.6 Taxation of persons single-handedly raising children Chapter 3 Object of Taxation and Sources of Revenues 3.1 Income as...

    Cena: 75,05 zł 79,00 zł


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  • Vogue Cocktails – książka
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    Vogue Cocktails – książka

    Henry McNulty  

    From the archives of British Vogue, the classic cocktail book, for a new generation of discerning drinkers. Vogue Cocktails is a collection of recipes compiled by former British Vogue drinks aficionado and man-about-town, Henry McNulty. Taking inspiration from the cocktail culture of the 1930s, Vogue Cocktails contains 150 recipes organized by base spirit – Champagne, Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Rum and Brandies...

    Cena: 41,80 zł 44,00 zł


  • The Mindful School – książka
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    The Mindful School – książka

    Patricia A. Jennings  

    Demonstrating the benefits of mindfulness for both educators and students in PreK–12, this book presents flexible models for implementing and sustaining schoolwide initiatives. Compelling case studies show how mindfulness practices can enhance students' academic and social–emotional functioning as well as teacher effectiveness. Chapters review the evidence base for available programs, reflect on lessons...

    Cena: 137,75 zł 145,00 zł


  • Made in North Korea – książka
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    Made in North Korea – książka

    Nicholas Bonner  

    North Korea uncensored and unfiltered – ordinary life in the world's most secretive nation, captured in never-before-seen ephemera. Made in North Korea uncovers the fascinating and surprisingly beautiful graphic culture of North Korea - from packaging to hotel brochures, luggage tags to tickets for the world-famous mass games. From his base in Beijing, Bonner has been running tours into North Korea...

    Cena: 118,75 zł 125,00 zł


  • Forte in grammatica! – książka
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    Forte in grammatica! – książka

    Forte in grammatica! e una grammatica di base per bambini dai 7 agli 11 anni che presenta in modo chiaro, intuitivo e giocoso le strutture fondamentali della lingua italiana e le esercita tramite attivita di diverso genere. Data la sua versatilita, puo affiancare il corso Forte! cosi come qualsiasi altro corso di lingua italiana per bambini, dal momento che ne rispecchia i fenomeni grammaticali e...

    Cena: 76,76 zł 80,80 zł


  • Lectures Notes: Clinical Medicine – książka
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    Lectures Notes: Clinical Medicine – książka

    John R. Bradley   Mark Gurnell   Diana F. Wood  

    Clinical Medicine Lecture Notes provides a comprehensive, accessible introduction to the management and treatment of medical conditions. A short manual of techniques on communication and physical examination in Part 1 is supported by the core knowledge required on diseases specific to each body system in Part 2. Combining readability with high quality illustrations, this seventh edition has been thoroughly...

    Cena: 135,85 zł 143,00 zł


  • There's a Vegan in the House – książka
    TANIEJ 5 %

    There's a Vegan in the House – książka

    Embrace veganism and keep the whole household happy and well-fed - without making a different meal for everyone. Not a fan of tofu? Fear not - this vegan cookbook is packed with over 100 healthy, delicious recipes that will appeal to adults and children alike, using grains, pulses, and other meat- and dairy-free alternatives as the base ingredient. You'll find options for every meal of the day, whether...

    Cena: 63,65 zł 67,00 zł


  • Managing Innovation – książka
    TANIEJ 5 %

    Managing Innovation – książka

    Joe Tidd   John R. Bessant  

    Managing Innovation is the bestselling text for graduate and undergraduate students and a classic in the field. Emphasizing practical, evidence based tools and resources, this title provides students with the knowledge base to successfully manage innovation, technology, and new product development. The holistic approach addresses the interplay between the markets, technology, and the organization,...

    Cena: 212,80 zł 224,00 zł


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