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  • Home Computers – książka
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    Home Computers – książka

    Alex Wiltshire   John Short  

    As so much technology is forgotten once it is superseded, this is a celebration of machines, industrial design and techno-utopianism of an era in the not-so-distant past. Conceived as a visual sourcebook of the most popular, most powerful and most idiosyncratic computers to grace our workspaces, this timely publication offers a reflection on how far we’ve come and a nostalgic look at a time when digital...

    Cena: 114,95 zł 121,00 zł


  • History of Infographics – książka
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    History of Infographics – książka

    Sandra Rendgen  

    In the age of big data and digital distribution, when news travel ever further and faster and media outlets compete for a fleeting slice of online attention, information graphics have swept center stage. At once nuanced and neat, they distill abstract ideas, complex statistics, and cutting-edge discoveries into succinct, compelling, and masterful designs. Cartographers, programmers, statisticians,...

    Cena: 229,90 zł 242,00 zł


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