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  • The Evolution of Type – książka
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    The Evolution of Type – książka

    Tony Seddon  

    The Evolution of Type takes you on a journey through the development of type design and typographic style from the mid-15th century to the present day, by way of 100 typefaces. Chosen to represent the key elements of style and form used by the punch cutters, calligraphers and designers of their day, and presented in chronological order according to release date, each typeface is discussed in terms...

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  • Popular Mechanics Essential Survival Guide – książka
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    Popular Mechanics Essential Survival Guide – książka

    In this ultimate survival manual, Popular Mechanics compiles its best life-saving tactics, secrets, stories, first-hand advice and gear recommendations for simple self-sufficiency or when prepping your bunker in the backyard. The book starts with a primer chapter on planning and preparation and the remaining chapters look at how to handle threats ranging from low to apocalyptic risk. Expert tips and...

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