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    The Judgment Books – ebook

    E.F. Benson  

    The poet’s career is always full of pitfalls and difficulties. On the one hand, there is a danger of gaining popularity too easily, and on the other, the discouraging effect of a lack of audience. Mrs Greenock is in danger. Some of her poems, which from time to time appeared in a local newspaper, attracted a lot of undeserved attention. The book is about high art.

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  • Pinpoint – książka
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    Pinpoint – książka

    Greg Milner  

    Over the last fifty years, humanity has developed an extraordinary global utility which is omnipresent, universal, and available to all: the Global Positioning System (GPS). A network of twenty-four satellites and their monitoring stations on Earth, it makes possible almost all modern technology, from the smartphone in your pocket to the Mars rover. Neither the internet nor the cloud would work without...

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