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  • Psychedelics – książka
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    Psychedelics – książka

    Aldous Huxley  

    Could drugs offer a new way of seeing the world? In 1953, in the presence of an investigator, Aldous Huxley took four-tenths of a gramme of mescalin, sat down and waited to see what would happen. When he opened his eyes everything, from the flowers in a vase to the creases in his trousers, was transformed. His account of his experience, and his vision for all that psychedelics could offer to mankind,...

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  • The Sea is My Brother – książka
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    The Sea is My Brother – książka

    'His first novel is a revelation ... the writing is vivid, serious and extraordinary ... wonderful' The Times The Sea is My Brother is Jack Kerouac's very first novel, begun shortly after his tour as a merchant sailor in 1942. Lost during his lifetime, it is an intense portrait of friendship and brotherhood and a meditation on the desire to escape society, following the fortunes of two men as they...

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