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  • Alibabas World – książka
    TANIEJ 7 %

    Alibabas World – książka

    Porter Erisman  

    In September 2014, a Chinese company that most Westerners had never heard of held the largest IPO in history – bigger than Google, Facebook and Twitter combined. Alibaba, now the world's largest e-commerce company, mostly escaped Western notice for over ten years, while building a customer base larger than Amazon's, and handling the bulk of e-commerce transactions in China. How did it happen? And what...

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    Cena: 37,20 zł 40,00 zł


  • Don't Be Evil – książka
    TANIEJ 7 %

    Don't Be Evil – książka

    Rana Foroohar  

    The award-winning Financial Times columnist exposes the threat that Big Tech poses to our democracies, our economies and ourselves 'Powerful' Sunday Times Google and Facebook receive 90% of the world's news advertising spend. Amazon takes half of all e-commerce in the US. Google and Apple operating systems run on all but 1% of cell phones globally. And 80% of corporate wealth is now held by 10% of...

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    Cena: 49,29 zł 53,00 zł


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