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  • Popular Mechanics Essential Survival Guide – książka
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    Popular Mechanics Essential Survival Guide – książka

    In this ultimate survival manual, Popular Mechanics compiles its best life-saving tactics, secrets, stories, first-hand advice and gear recommendations for simple self-sufficiency or when prepping your bunker in the backyard. The book starts with a primer chapter on planning and preparation and the remaining chapters look at how to handle threats ranging from low to apocalyptic risk. Expert tips and...

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  • Social Rehabilitation, Care and Education in Postmodern World – książka
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    Social Rehabilitation, Care and Education in Postmodern World – książka

    Aneta Jaworska   Danuta Apanel  

    Probation system - penalties of medium force and measures of supervised liberty as a proposal of fair punishment Organization of prison management in Poland Mentally handicapped people and their leisure time Contemporary problems in bringing up children Phenomenon of smoking cigarettes among teenagers Pro-social risk taking and personal values. Study of fire-fighters In search of effective rehabilitation...

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  • Touch The Science of the Sense that Makes Us Human – książka
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    Touch The Science of the Sense that Makes Us Human – książka

    David J. Linden  

    Why does holding a hot drink make us like people more? How can a soldier under fire not even notice he's been shot? What makes sex so much fun? Touch is the most important sense we have. Without it, we cannot entirely feel pleasure or pain - we are less than human. In fact, as David Linden demonstrates in the astonishing stories gathered here, touch is central to who we are - from choosing our...

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  • SAS Survival Guide – książka
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    SAS Survival Guide – książka

    John Wiseman  

    THE MULTIMILLION COPY BESTSELLER THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SURVIVING ANYWHERE The Collins Gem SAS Survival Guide is the pocket companion for adventurers everywhere. From making camp and finding food in the wild to security and self-defence in the streets, be prepared on land or sea. SAS legend John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman’s unrivalled guide will teach you: Preparation – Understanding and assembling latest,...

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  • The Scrum Fieldbook – książka
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    The Scrum Fieldbook – książka

    J.J. Sutherland  

    A revolutionary new method to make every business more productive – as used by Amazon, Google and the FBI Work. You’re doing it wrong. Do you ever worry that you never get as much done as you want to? Or that your projects encounter insurmountable problems before they even get started? Or that your colleagues spend days talking over their ideas without actually implementing them? J. J. Sutherland...

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  • Evergreen – książka
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    Evergreen – książka

    From rooftop gardens to flora-laden balconies, flowers and plants bestow a warm grace to unconventional and indoor spaces. Private paradises nestled in the backyards of homes. Rooftops that act as community gardens. Edible patches of beauty hidden within city blocks. Evergreen shows the verdant aesthetic statement that allows city dwellers to bring nature back into the every day and quenches urban...

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