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  • Hunger The Show wersja angielska – gra
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    Hunger The Show wersja angielska – gra

    Welcome to HUNGER Reality Show! There is a 1 Million Dollar Prize and there can only be one winner. HUNGER is a family/filler game with no downtime and rich player interaction. Alongside other participants, unfortunately not your best friends, you are cast onto a desert island. There is some food provided by the TV crew but it will not last long. You will be hungry very soon and will have to start...

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    Cena: 79,70 zł 83,89 zł


  • Germania Magna Border in Flames – gra
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    Germania Magna Border in Flames – gra

    Daniel Budacz   Piotr Krzystek   Łukasz Wrona  

    The Alamanni are truly enemies of the entire Roman world. – Emperor Valentinian I. The Roman Empire exists for almost 1,000 years. It is, however, but a pale shadow of what it used to be in the times of Caesar or Trajan. The World is changing and new powers are rising; soon they will begin to harass and attack the Roman lands. Deep within the impenetrable and dark forests, which stretch beyond the...

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    Cena: 104,50 zł 110,00 zł


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