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  • Grace Hopper – książka
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    Grace Hopper – książka

    Laurie Wallmark  

    Meet Grace Hopper: the woman who revolutionized computer coding. She coined the term "computer bug" and taught computers to "speak English". An ace inventor and groundbreaker, Grace Hopper transformed the world of computer science. This book tells the inspirational story of this amazing woman with a passion for maths, an insatiable curiosity and the firm belief that "it's easier to ask for forgiveness...

    Cena: 59,23 zł 62,35 zł


  • The Girl at the Window – książka
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    The Girl at the Window – książka

    Antoinette Moses  

    Award-winning original fiction for learners of English. At seven levels, from Starter to Advanced, this impressive selection of carefully graded readers offers exciting reading for every student's capabilities. For Grace, a ghost in a haunted house, the arrival of a young mother with a baby stirs memories of the man and the child she lost so many years before. But then danger threatens the baby girl...

    Cena: 27,55 zł 29,00 zł


  • Kurt Markus: Boxers – książka
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    Kurt Markus: Boxers – książka

    Kurt Markus  

    Markus’s vivid memories of raising his fists, mano a mano, led him into the working-class barrios of Havana, Mexico City, Brooklyn, and Dublin, where the odds against celebrity and high-stakes prizefighting belie the drive that motivates these young men. In a series of intimate portraits infused with purpose, determination, and the physical and emotional struggles of intense training, Markus gives...

    Cena: 122,55 zł 129,00 zł


  • Tendances Niveau C1/C2 Cahier d'activités – książka
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    Tendances Niveau C1/C2 Cahier d'activités – książka

    Amélie Brito   Emilie Bucher  

    Cahier d'activités de Tendances, méthode de français langue étrangère (FLE) pour grands adolescents et adultes, niveau C1/C2 Avec Tendances, le français est pratiqué activement, on partage des savoirs, on découvre des modes de vie... grâce à des outils efficaces au service d'un enseignement facile à mettre en oeuvre. Un apprentissage ancré à la vie pour un apprenant soucieux d'apprendre tout ce qui...

    Cena: 56,05 zł 59,00 zł


  • Fete des voisins A2 – książka
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    Fete des voisins A2 – książka

    Bertille Watrelot  

    Djamel est le nouveau gardien de la résidence des Lilas. Pour garder ce travail, il doit réussir à dynamiser les relations entre les voisins. Djamel a plein d'idées : il crée un groupe WhatsApp de l'immeuble, organise la fête des voisins... Tout se passe bien. Tout se passe bien, vraiment ? Cette histoire conçue pour les apprenants de niveau A2, est construite comme un jeu de pistes qui se dévoilent...

    Cena: 45,60 zł 48,00 zł


  • Znak 755 4/2018 Kiedy zaczyna się przemoc – książka
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    Znak 755 4/2018 Kiedy zaczyna się przemoc – książka

    Obecną sytuację na świecie można nazwać czasem przemocy. Świadczy o tym zapoczątkowana w 2017 r. akcja #MeToo, regularne doniesienia o strzelaninach w amerykańskich szkołach, a także język polskiej debaty publicznej. Coraz trudniej wskazać sytuacje, które nie są podszyte przemocą. Co nazywamy przemocą? Kiedy stała się ona codziennością? Jaki jest jej związek z religią? Dlaczego się nią fascynujemy?...

    Cena: 18,90 zł 19,90 zł


  • Home Computers – książka
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    Home Computers – książka

    Alex Wiltshire   John Short  

    As so much technology is forgotten once it is superseded, this is a celebration of machines, industrial design and techno-utopianism of an era in the not-so-distant past. Conceived as a visual sourcebook of the most popular, most powerful and most idiosyncratic computers to grace our workspaces, this timely publication offers a reflection on how far we’ve come and a nostalgic look at a time when digital...

    Cena: 114,95 zł 121,00 zł


  • Warhol on Basquiat – książka
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    Warhol on Basquiat – książka

    Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s complex relationship captivated the art world then and now. At a time when Warhol was already world famous and the elder statesman of New York cool, Basquiat was a downtown talent rising rapidly from the graffiti scene. Together, they forged an electrifying personal and professional partnership. As a prolific documentarian of his own world, Warhol extensively...

    Cena: 237,50 zł 250,00 zł


  • We Went Back – książka
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    We Went Back – książka

    Cynthia Young  

    This book traces the career of Chim, famed photojournalist and cofounder of Magnum Photos, who dedicated much of his life to documenting war and its aftermath. Born Dawid Szymin in Warsaw, Chim began his career in the early 1930s photographing for leftist magazines in Paris. In 1936, one of these magazines, Regards, sent him to the front lines of the civil war in Spain, along with comrades Robert...

    Cena: 265,05 zł 279,00 zł


  • What Great Paintings Say Beautiful Nudes – książka
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    What Great Paintings Say Beautiful Nudes – książka

    Rainer Hagen   Rose-Marie Hagen  

    It might seem like the sitters and subjects of art history's greatest nude paintings have little left to show, but don't be fooled: there is more than meets the eye in these naked masterworks. Rose-Marie and Rainer Hagen guide us into the secrets of the flesh, coupling extended discussions with crisp, enlarged details of 12 iconic works from the canon of art history. Biblical tales of morality or modern...

    Cena: 47,50 zł 50,00 zł


Liczba pozycji: 13

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