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  • XXL Art. – książka
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    XXL Art. – książka

    Elea Baucheron   Diane Routex  

    From countryside to desert, city streets to museum and gallery spaces, the oversize artworks featured in this volume present the dazzling variety of large-scale art throughout the world. When artists think big, big things happen. In Chicago’s Millennium Park, thousands of visitors flock daily to Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate to see their wondrously distorted reflections. Christo’s The Gates mesmerized...

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  • Nowa kwestia miejska – książka
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    Nowa kwestia miejska – książka

    Andy Merrifield  

    Nowa kwestia miejska to oryginalny i wyjątkowy manifest dla ruchów miejskich i badaczy miasta na XXI wiek: jednocześnie próba odpowiedzi na pytanie o kierunek dalszego rozwoju nowoczesnych metropolii, dobitna przestroga przed procesami zagrażającymi wyjątkowości miejskiego życia – w rodzaju prywatyzacji publicznych przestrzeni oraz pasożytniczej urbanizacji – oraz próba zaktualizowania dla studiów...

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  • Shoot for the Moon – książka
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    Shoot for the Moon – książka

    Tim Walker  

    Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars’ Norman Vincent Peale Shoot for the Moon is set to be an unmissable addition to the lexicon of fashion photography.

    Cena: 363,85 zł 383,00 zł


  • Life – książka
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    Life – książka

    Frans Lanting  

    In the year 2000, world-renowned wildlife photographer Frans Lanting set out on a personal journey to photograph the evolution of life on Earth. He made pilgrimages to true time capsules, like a remote lagoon in Western Australia, spent time in research collections photographing forms of microscopic life, and even found ways to create visual parallels between the growth of organs in the human body...

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  • Movies of the 1970s – książka
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    Movies of the 1970s – książka

    Jürgen Müller  

    The 1970s: that magical era betwixt the swinging ’60s and the decadent ’80s, the epoch of leisure suits and Afros, the age of disco music and platform shoes. As war raged on in Vietnam and the Cold War continued to escalate, Hollywood began to heat up, recovering from its commercial crisis with box-office successes such as Star Wars, Jaws, The Exorcist, and The Godfather. Thanks to directors like Spielberg...

    Cena: 70,30 zł 74,00 zł


  • Utopia Avenue – książka
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    Utopia Avenue – książka

    David Mitchell  

    Pre-order the spectacular new novel from the bestselling author of CLOUD ATLAS and THE BONE CLOCKS, ‘one of the most brilliantly inventive writers of this, or any country’ (Independent). ‘The great rock and roll novel – an epic love letter to the greatest music ever made and the book the music has always deserved’ Tony Parsons Utopia Avenue might be the most curious British band you’ve never heard...

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