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out o’ luck do ściągnięcia

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  • The Bad Mothers Book Club – książka
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    The Bad Mothers Book Club – książka

    Keris Stainton  

    ‘Keris is a wonderful writer. You should definitely get hold of this book!’ Charlotte, 5 stars The laugh-out-loud new novel from the ebook bestseller! Meet Emma, the new Mum on the block. Since moving to the Liverpudlian seaside after her husband’s career change, her life consists of the following: long walks on the beach (with the dog), early nights (with the kids) and Netflix (no chill). Bored...

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  • HOPE – książka
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    HOPE – książka

    Małgorzata Rosiewicz  

    It is never like it is going wrong all the time, and it is never going to be all right at all times. Joy and sadness are mutually intertwined emotions of life. There must be sadness so that we appreciate joy, and there must be joy so that we forget sorrow. Let us appreciate every spark in our life - let's enjoy it, let it fill us with its light. When worse days come, it is the spark that will burn...

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  • Into the Fire – książka
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    Into the Fire – książka

    Gregg Hurwitz  

    Evan Smoak lives by his own code. As a boy he was taken from a foster home to be raised and trained as an off-the-books government assassin codenamed Orphan X. Then he broke free to live in the shadows as the Nowhere Man, using his unique skills to help those in desperate need. But all good things must come to an end. He'll take on one last mission then go out on a high note. Clean, neat and tidy,...

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    Cena: 53,94 zł 58,00 zł


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