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out o’ luck ebook

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    The Adventures of Heine – ebook

    Edgar Wallace  

    The hapless Heine is trying very hard to be a good German spy in Great Britain during WWI but luck and circumstance are not with him. Every adventure turns out poorly for our dear spy. This collection of stories of Edgar Wallace about Heine was published during WWI and should be taken lightly by readers – some may see it as a piece of anti-German propaganda, with Heine as a bit of a hopeless idiot....

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  • Ferdinand, the Man with the Kind Heart – książka
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    Ferdinand, the Man with the Kind Heart – książka

    Irmgard Keun   Michael Hofmann  

    Bombed-out Cologne after the war is a strange place to be. The black market in jam and corsets is booming, half-destroyed houses offer opportunities for stealing doors and eggcups, and de-Nazification parties are all the rage. Ferdinand - daydreamer, former prisoner of war, wearer of a curious jerkin - drifts around the city, observing life's absurdities, strenuously avoiding his fiancée and drinking...

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  • HOPE – książka
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    HOPE – książka

    Małgorzata Rosiewicz  

    It is never like it is going wrong all the time, and it is never going to be all right at all times. Joy and sadness are mutually intertwined emotions of life. There must be sadness so that we appreciate joy, and there must be joy so that we forget sorrow. Let us appreciate every spark in our life - let's enjoy it, let it fill us with its light. When worse days come, it is the spark that will burn...

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