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  • The World Atlas of Tattoo – książka
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    The World Atlas of Tattoo – książka

    Anna Felicity Friedman  

    Lively and informative, The World Atlas of Tattoo is a superbly illustrated and compelling reference book that, through examining the meeting point between tattoo artists and their personal understanding of their environment, presents a well-informed and nuanced account of what has become a widespread art practice. Organized geographically, each section is introduced by a short historical overview...

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  • Jack Reacher. Nocna runda – audiobook

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    Jack Reacher. Nocna runda – audiobook

    Lee Child  

    JEDNA Z NAJPOPULARNIEJSZYCH SERII SENSACYJNYCH NA ŚWIECIE: PONAD 100 MILIONÓW SPRZEDANYCH EGZEMPLARZY KSIĄŻEK, DOSTĘPNYCH W 97 KRAJACH I PRZETŁUMACZONYCH NA 42 JĘZYKI. To już reguła: Reacher wysiada z autobusu - Lee Child ląduje na liście bestsellerów. Wysiadł na postoju, żeby rozprostować kości, i na wystawie lombardu zobaczył znajomo wyglądający sygnet. Takie nosili kadeci West Point,...

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  • A sense of form the art of David Bomberg – książka
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    A sense of form the art of David Bomberg – książka

    Dominika Buchowska  

    David Bomberg’s art is known mainly for its highly modernist experiments with form during the early twentieth century. In his most famous works from this period, the artist breaks the human figure into clear-cut, geometric shapes and cubes, placed within the context of the crowd, the machine and the city. Yet, after the atrocities of World War One, during which Bomberg was both a soldier and war artist,...

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  • Dian Hanson's Pussy Book – książka
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    Dian Hanson's Pussy Book – książka

    Dian Hanson  

    The Big Book of Pussy, not to be confused with a book of big pussies, closed out the popular “body part” series with an offering just as controversial as it was popular back in 2011. As in previous volumes, editor Dian Hanson explored the historical significance of her subject, explaining how the female genitalia have been coveted, feared, reviled, and worshipped by civilizations worldwide, from New...

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  • The Rolling Stones In the Beginning – książka
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    The Rolling Stones In the Beginning – książka

    In 1960, childhood friends Keith Richards and Mick Jagger reconnected by chance on a train. More than 45 years later, the Rolling Stones remain superstars in the fickle world of rock 'n' roll. This collection of photographs provides a unique record of the band before they became the icons of rock. Most of these images have never been published before, making this book a must-have for the Stones' legion...

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  • John & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band – książka
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    John & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band – książka

    John Lennon   Yoko Ono  

    Described by Lennon as ‘the best thing I’ve ever done’, and widely regarded by critics as his best solo album, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band was released alongside the remarkable Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band on 11 December 1970. With first-hand commentary by John & Yoko, members of the Plastic Ono Band and other key figures in their lives, and packed with evocative and revealing letters, artworks and photographs,...

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