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  • In the Space – książka
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    In the Space – książka

    Eduardo Banqueri  

    A book with Augmented Reality which allows you to enjoy the 3D images, Games, Music and much more surprises behind each page. The observation and study of the heavens have fascinated every civilisation; some even believed that our planet was the centre of the universe. Today, we know that Earth is just a tiny point in our immense universe.

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  • Copenhagen The Monocle Travel Guide Series – książka
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    Copenhagen The Monocle Travel Guide Series – książka

    Bicycles. Mid-century modern furniture. New Nordic cuisine. These are likely to be some of the first things that spring to mind when you think of Copenhagen. And with good reason: Denmark’s capital really is filled with design-savvy people with chic homes who are only a quick pedal from some of the world’s finest restaurants. But there’s more than this to enchant the visitor. A recent building boom...

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