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  • The Dark Side of the Moon – książka
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    The Dark Side of the Moon – książka

    John Harris  

    Over three decades after its relase, Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" remains one of the most acclaimed albums of all time. Its sales total around 30 million copies worldwide, and it continues to sell 250 000 copies a year. In its first run, it took up residence in the US charts for a mind-boggling 724 weeks, according to recent estimates, one in five British households owns a copy. But, as...

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  • Kraftwerk – książka
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    Kraftwerk – książka

    Uwe Schütte  

    The story of the phenomenon that is Kraftwerk, and how they revolutionised our cultural landscape 'We are not artists nor musicians. We are workers.' Ignoring nearly all rock traditions, experimenting in near-total secrecy in their Düsseldorf studio, Kraftwerk fused sound and technology, graphic design and performance, modernist Bauhaus aesthetics and Rhineland industrialisation - even human and machine...

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  • Auschwitz – książka
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    Auschwitz – książka

    Sybille Steinbacher  

    At the terrible heart of the modern age lies Auschwitz. In a total inversion of earlier hopes about the use of science and technology to improve, extend and protect human life, Auschwitz manipulated the same systems to quite different ends. In Sybille Steinbacher's terse, powerful new book, the reader is led through the process by which something unthinkable to any European in the 1930s had become...

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  • Why Waste Food? – książka
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    Why Waste Food? – książka

    Andrew F. Smith  

    About one-third of all food grown for human consumption is lost or discarded every year, despite financial, environmental and ethical reasons to not waste food. We grow enough food to adequately feed everyone on the planet, yet hundreds of millions of people suffer from hunger, malnutrition or food insecurity. Together, this food waste accounts for about 8 per cent of the world’s total greenhouse gas...

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  • What the CEO Wants You to Know – książka
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    What the CEO Wants You to Know – książka

    Ram Charan  

    ‘The most influential consultant alive.’ Fortune Have you ever noticed that the best CEOs seem to have a special kind of intelligence, an ability to sense where the opportunities in their industries are and how to take advantage of them? The best have a knack for simplifying the most complex business practices down to the fundamentals – the same fundamentals of the small family business. In What...

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  • On Fire – książka
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    On Fire – książka

    The fight for a green world is the fight of our lives. And with On Fire, Naomi Klein gives us the ammunition to do it. In frank, personal terms, she shows us how the only way forward out of a polluted world of our own making is only through policy reform - a concrete set of actions to combat the mounting threat of total environmental catastrophe. What's needed, she argues, is something with radical...

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  • How to Fight Anti-Semitism – książka
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    How to Fight Anti-Semitism – książka

    Bari Weiss  

    On 27 October 2018 the synagogue where Bari Weiss became a bat mitzvah was the site of the deadliest attack on Jews in American history. For most of us, the massacre in Pittsburgh came as a total shock. But to those who have been paying attention, it was only a more violent, extreme expression of the broader trend that has been sweeping Europe and the US for the past two decades. No longer the exclusive...

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    Systemy zarządzania jakością w podmiotach leczniczych – ebook

    Monika Dobska   Paweł Dobski  

    W książce przedstawiono zagadnienia związane z wdrażaniem systemu zarządzania jakością oraz możliwością jego integracji z innymi systemami zarządzania, z uwzględnieniem najnowszych zmian w prawie dotyczących nowelizacji systemów zarządzania jakością zgodnych z normą ISO 9001:2015. W opracowaniu omówiono m.in.: charakterystykę koncepcji total quality management (TQM), percepcję jakości usług medycznych,...

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    Executive renumeration and corporate performance – ebook

    Michał Bartłomiejczyk  

    The topic of this monograph refers to the remuneration of executives and its relationship with corporate performance. The thesis provides the review of the compensation and corporate governance theories with the focus on the principal-agent theory, which describes the conflict of interests between shareholders and executives. It delivers a broad review of corporate governance models, and its control...

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  • Barca. Życie, pasja, ludzie – książka
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    Barca. Życie, pasja, ludzie – książka

    Jimmy Burns  

    Najlepsza książka o FC Barcelonie, jaka kiedykolwiek powstała! Nieomal rozszarpana siatka w bramce Sampdorii Genua. Piłkarz, który miał się stać legendą, podpisujący kontrakt po pijanemu z – jak sądził – Realem Madryt. Bramkarz uciekający z Hiszpanii w przebraniu i prezydent klubu rozstrzelany przez frankistów. Trofea zniszczone i stopione po uderzeniu bomby w klubowy budynek. Wiceprezydent klubu skaczący...

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