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  • Total Design – książka
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    Total Design – książka

    George H. Marcus  

    Celebrating the ultimate masterpieces of modernist design, from the Arts and Crafts movement up to the twenty-first century, Total Design offers an intimate tour of houses conceived as complete works of art. Each of the spectacular houses making up Total Design demonstrates how an architect realized a unifying vision through all aspects of design - architecture, furniture, fittings, decorative objects,...

    Cena: 151,05 zł 159,00 zł


  • The Dark Side of the Moon – książka
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    The Dark Side of the Moon – książka

    John Harris  

    Over three decades after its relase, Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" remains one of the most acclaimed albums of all time. Its sales total around 30 million copies worldwide, and it continues to sell 250 000 copies a year. In its first run, it took up residence in the US charts for a mind-boggling 724 weeks, according to recent estimates, one in five British households owns a copy. But, as...

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  • Homebrew Beyond the Basics – książka
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    Homebrew Beyond the Basics – książka

    Mike Karnowski  

    Want to take total control of the beer-making process? Move beyond extract brewing and go all-grain. Richly illustrated and easy to follow, this book explains it all, from grain selection and water chemistry to sour beers and wood-ageing. Explore the full range of malts and mashing. Dive into the world of hops and discover new hopping techniques, as well as yeasts and fermentation methods. Brew a fruit...

    Cena: 77,47 zł 81,55 zł


  • Wood – książka
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    Wood – książka

    Terry Porter  

    An indispensable guide to one of the world's most valuable natural resources. This new edition adds 17 important timber species not included before, bringing the list of species described up to 400 in total, in this lavishly illustrated book. A new section illustrates the variety of decorative figuring and there is valuable information on wood defects and potential health hazards. A best-selling reference...

    Cena: 118,70 zł 124,95 zł


  • Bauhaus – książka
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    Bauhaus – książka

    Magdalena Droste  

    In a fleeting 14-year period between two world wars, Germany’s Bauhaus School of Art and Design changed the face of modernity. With utopian ideas for the future, the school developed a pioneering fusion of fine art, craftsmanship, and technology, which they applied across media and practices from film to theater, sculpture to ceramics. This book is made in collaboration with the Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum...

    Cena: 190,00 zł 200,00 zł


  • What the CEO Wants You to Know – książka
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    What the CEO Wants You to Know – książka

    Ram Charan  

    ‘The most influential consultant alive.’ Fortune Have you ever noticed that the best CEOs seem to have a special kind of intelligence, an ability to sense where the opportunities in their industries are and how to take advantage of them? The best have a knack for simplifying the most complex business practices down to the fundamentals – the same fundamentals of the small family business. In What...

    Cena: 40,36 zł 42,48 zł


  • Graj rocka na gitarze – książka
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    Graj rocka na gitarze – książka

    Phil Capone   Paul Copperwaite  

    GRAMY ROCKA! W dziesięciu przystępnych lekcjach podręcznik Graj rocka na gitarze przemieni początkującego gitarzystę w prawdziwego rockmana. Każdej lekcji przypisane jest odpowiednie nagranie na płycie CD, ułatwiające prawidłowe realizowanie ćwiczeń. Dzięki nagraniom można usłyszeć, jak powinny brzmieć zamieszczone w książce akordy, riffy i melodie. Już wkrótce będziesz mógł je zagrać razem z ulubionymi...

    Cena: 61,75 zł 65,00 zł


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    Homes of the Homeless. A Study of Life in Crisis – ebook

    Inga B. Kuźma  

      The book presents the image of home as experienced and expressed by the men and women who are affected by the crisis of homelessness and live in specialized institutions. The author presents her own experience in carrying out research in total institutions and, above all, she focuses on describing and interpreting the stories of people from homeless centers who speak about the ups and downs of...

    Cena: 23,69 zł 24,94 zł


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  • Vinyl Album Cover Art – książka
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    Vinyl Album Cover Art – książka

    Aubrey Powell   Peter Gabriel  

    The complete, definitive and never-before-published catalogue of Hipgnosis, Vinyl * Album * Cover * Art finally does justice to the work of the most important design collective in music history, which, according to Roddy Bogawa, director of the documentary Taken by Storm (2011), ‘;designed half your record collection’;. Founded in 1967 by Storm Thorgerson, Aubrey ‘;Po’; Powell and Peter Christopherson,...

    Cena: 119,70 zł 126,00 zł


  • Heaven's Gates 2 – książka
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    Heaven's Gates 2 – książka

    Maria Piechotka   Kazimierz Piechotka  

    The second volume of the monumental work by Maria and Kazimierz Piechotka is devoted to masonry synagogues built in the lands of the former Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania–in other words, in most of the territory of present-day Poland and a large part of Ukraine, together with the whole of Lithuania and Belarus, and also a part of Moldova (on the left bank of the River Dniester). The greater part...

    Cena: 118,75 zł 125,00 zł


Liczba pozycji: 12

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