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  • Wind / Pinball – książka
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    Wind / Pinball – książka


    The first two short novels - never before widely available in the U.S. - by the internationally acclaimed writer, newly translated, in one volume, with a new introduction by the author.

    Cena: 42,75 zł 45,00 zł


  • Gone With Wind – książka
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    Gone With Wind – książka

    Margaret Mitchell  

    Set against the dramatic backdrop of the American Civil War, Margaret Mitchell's magnificent historical epic is an unforgettable tale of love and loss, of a nation mortally divided and a people forever changed. Above all, it is the story of beautiful, ruthless Scarlett I'Hara and the dashing soldier of fortune, Rhett Butler.

    Cena: 31,35 zł 33,00 zł


  • The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – książka
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    The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – książka

    Haruki Murakami  

    Toru Okada's cat has disappeared. His wife is growing more distant every day. Then there are the increasingly explicit telephone calls he has recently been receiving. As this compelling story unfolds, the tidy suburban realities of Okada's vague and blameless life, spent cooking, reading, listening to jazz and opera and drinking beer at the kitchen table, are turned inside out. He embarks on a bizarre...

    Cena: 46,55 zł 49,00 zł


  • Thomas & Friends Thoma's Big Journey Track Book – książka
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    Thomas & Friends Thoma's Big Journey Track Book – książka

    Unfold the giant track, wind up Thomas and watch him travel around Sodor, through the station, past the level crossing and the seaside and all the way to the circus! Then read the story that follows his journey, meetings lots of friends along the way.

    Cena: 79,80 zł 84,00 zł


  • The Time Machine – książka
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    The Time Machine – książka

    H. G. Wells  

    In the Time Traveller's miraculous new machine, we will be carried from a Victorian dinner table to 802,701 AD, when the Earth is divided between the gentle, ineffective Eloi, and the ape-like Morlocks; forward again by a million years or so to glimpse a dying world of blood-red beaches and menacing shapes; and on again to the last days of our planet, a remote twilight where nothing moves but darkness...

    Cena: 10,97 zł 11,55 zł


  • Flight to Arras – książka
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    Flight to Arras – książka

    Antoine Saint-Exupery  

    The French Writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900-1944), was born in Lyon. His first two books, SOUTHERN MAIL and NIGHT FLIGHT, are distinguished by a poetic evocation of the romance and discipline of flying. Later works, including WIND, SAND AND STARS and FLIGHT TO ARRAS, stress his humanistic philosophy. Saint-Exupéry's popular children's book THE LITTLE PRINCE is also read by adults for...

    Cena: 43,70 zł 46,00 zł


  • Room on the Broom – książka
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    Room on the Broom – książka

    Julia Donaldson  

    "How the cat purred and how the witch grinned, As they sat on their broomstick and flew through the wind. A very funny story of quick wits and friendship, Room on the Broom is another smash hit from the unparalleled picture book partnership of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, creators of The Gruffalo. The witch and her cat fly happily over forests, rivers and mountains on their broomstick until...

    Cena: 29,45 zł 31,00 zł


  • Prodigal Son – książka
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    Prodigal Son – książka

    Danielle Steel  

    In a matter of days, Peter McDowell loses everything he has worked so hard for – including his marriage. Stripped of everything, he has only one place he can retreat to: the home he left twenty years ago. There, he comes face to face with his brother for the first time in years. At first, Peter dreads seeing Michael again – but to his surprise their reunion is tender and real. Only later, as Peter...

    Cena: 43,04 zł 45,30 zł


  • Winter – książka
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    Winter – książka

    Ali Smith  

    Winter? Bleak. Frosty wind, earth as iron, water as stone, so the old song goes. The shortest days, the longest nights. The trees are bare and shivering. The summer's leaves? Dead litter. The world shrinks; the sap sinks. But winter makes things visible. And if there's ice, there'll be fire. In Ali Smith's Winter, lifeforce matches up to the toughest of the seasons. In this second novel in her acclaimed...

    Cena: 38,90 zł 40,95 zł


  • Kroniki Żelaznego Druida Tom 9 Rozdziobią nas Loki, wrony – książka
    TANIEJ 5 %

    Kroniki Żelaznego Druida Tom 9 Rozdziobią nas Loki, wrony – książka

    Kevin Hearne  

    Ostatnia przygoda druida Atticusa O’Sullivana! Wielki finał „Kronik Żelaznego Druida”, cyklu książek z list bestsellerów „New York Timesa” Nadciąga apokalipsa! Zerwani z łańcucha losu nordyccy bogowie Loki i Hel są już gotowi poszczuć świat Ragnarökiem. Atticusowi O’Sullivanowi nie będzie łatwo przetrwać nadchodzącą bitwę, a jej wygranie będzie cudem. Aby mieć cień nadziei na uratowanie Gai i ujrzenie...

    Cena: 37,90 zł 39,90 zł


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