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Sunset Pass – ebook

Zane Grey  





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Sunset Pass - ebook

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When the train pulls into Wagontongue, the reader becomes Trueman Rock, returning to town after killing a man six years earlier. Now he returns to find trouble again, but this time his trouble is caused by love. Rock has fallen in love with Ash Preston’s woman, Thiry, and no man in the valley will let him get away with this. But Rock has faced harder men for lesser prizes, and he is willing to pay any price to win Thiry’s love. As with Romeo and Juliet, this undying love is depicted in the novel with shining sincerity. „Sunset Pass” stands as a powerful story of love, courage and loyalty. It shows how we must never follow with blind faith, how we must hold dear the memory of those we love, and how strong and enduring true love really is.

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