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The Jacob Street Mystery – ebook


R. Austin Freeman  





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R. Austin Freeman’s mysteries are often divided into two parts, the first dealing with events leading up to a murder, followed by Dr. Thorndyke’s investigation. In this case, the first part, about a beautiful woman who poses as a serious artist, then disappears, is delightful. It details the friendship between Thomas Pedley and Loretta Schiller. The second part is written in the first person with Jervis, Thorndyke’s assistant, being the narrator as usual. A peaceful, pleasant afternoon in the woodland scene of Linton Green is disturbed when a brutal murder takes place. But thanks to an unseen witness, the killer may be caught, and the witness turns out to be a blessing in disguise. This is the story of Thomas Pedley, a gifted artist who paints what he sees from memory.

The Jacob Street Mystery - ebook

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