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The Untamed – ebook

Max Brand  





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The Untamed - ebook

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Dan Barry is found by a cattleman footloose and wandering in the desert. He is taken in by the man and cared for by his lovely daughter. But the course of love doesn’t run smoothly in this classic western … Whistlin’ Dan Berry is one of the most interesting characters in Western fiction. Easy going, Berry proves absolutely unforgiving when physically assaulted by a feared, vicious outlaw, Jim Silent. Seemingly without any emotions, Whistlin’ Dan is relentless in his vengeful search for Silent and his outlaw gang. "The Untamed" is a first part of a trilogy about a mysterious gunslinger who appears to be a ’Casper Milquetoaste’ but, in concert with a powerful wolf-dog, and a murderous stallion; is able to overpower seemingly any opposing force.

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