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Ageless Beauty – książka

Clemence Mueffling  



Penguin Books


Produkt fizyczny: Książka

Ageless Beauty - książka

70,83 zł


Your guide to French beauty lets you in on . . .

· Essential advice on how to make simple changes to your beauty habits, from the correct way to wash your hair to the vital items no make-up bag should be without.

· How to give your skin a healthy glow in just a few simple steps.
· Advice for women of all ages, Jeunesse, Plenitude and Maturite, to ensure energy, confidence and happiness.
· Which self-tanners to use and how to apply for a beautiful, healthy, summer tan.
· The four pillars of French wellness: food, posture, exercise and movement you need and dormez-vous.
· And much more . . .

Clémence Von Mueffling draws on her family's wisdom and passion to show how you can achieve effortless French beauty at any age.

Filled with tips, intimate anecdotes and expert interviews, Ageless Beauty is sure to become every woman's definitive beauty guide.
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