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Hummel/Moscheles/Ries: Cello Sonatas – muzyka


Brilliant Classics

Produkt fizyczny: Muzyka

Hummel/Moscheles/Ries: Cello Sonatas - muzyka

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Testori, Marco - Grande Sonate Concertante Op. 34
1. Allegro Moderato
2. Andante Doloroso - Un Poco Piu Mosso -
3. Allegro Molto
Testori, Marco - Grande Sonate G-moll Op. 125 (Fue
1. Grave - Allegro
2. Larghetto Con Moto
3. Rondo: Allegretto
Testori, Marco - Grande Sonate A-dur Op. 104 (Fuer
1. Allegro Amabile E Grazioso
2. Un Poco Adagio E Con Espressione
3. Rondo: Allegro Vivace Un Poco

A delightful programme of Early-Romantic cello sonatas by Ries,
Moscheles and Hummel.
? Ferdinand Ries, Ignaz Moscheles and Johann Nepomuk Hummel are
contemporaries, active in a period of transition from Classical to
Romantic style, all three strongly influenced by the musical giant Ludwig
van Beethoven, virtuoso pianists and all three “Minor Masters”.
? Their cello sonatas follow classical style principles, spiced with
interruptions of romantic outpouring of drama and emotions: highly
? Played on period instruments by cellist Marco Testori and Costantino
Mastroprimiano, playing an early 19th century fortepiano.
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