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Lagnani Complete Music For Flute – muzyka


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Produkt fizyczny: Muzyka

Lagnani Complete Music For Flute - muzyka

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Arius Duo - Duetto Concertante Op. 23 (Fuer Flote
1. Allegro Maestoso
2. Moderato
3. Allegro Scherzoso
Arius Duo - Cavatina D'ernani (Nach Der Oper Ernan
Arius Duo - Gran Duetto Op. 87 (Fuer Flote Und Git
1. Maestoso
2. Largo Cantabile
3. Recitativo
4. Polacca
Arius Duo - Cavatina D'elvira (Nach Der Oper Ernan
Allegro Con Brio

Luigi Legnani (1790-1877) was an Italian singer, guitarist and composer.
Famous for both his voice and his guitar playing he gave many concerts in
several European countries, inspired by his friend Niccolo Paganini, with
whom he performed together.
As a composer he continued the tradition of Mauro Giuliani in composing
serious music for the guitar. This new recording contains original works
and fantasies on popular opera melodies for flute and guitar, a beloved
combination: music of great charm, brilliance and virtuosity, the two
instruments perfectly matched to each other, the guitar by no means a
simple accompaniment.
Played with gusto and technical refinement by Sara Ligas (already recorded
flute music by Karg-Elert, BC94976) and Omar Fassa.
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