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  • Zdrowe odkwaszanie. Jak bezpiecznie przywrócić równowagę kwasowo-zasadową – ebook

    Hermann Straubinger  

    Jak pozbyć się przykrych skutków niedoborów snu, niezdrowej diety i życia w stresie? Stres, niedosypianie i jedzenie wysokoprzetworzonej żywności powodują zakwaszenie organizmu, które z kolei może prowadzić do alergii, problemów skórnych i poważniejszych dolegliwości zdrowotnych. Wystarczy jednak wprowadzić kilka zmian, by przywrócić równowagę kwasowo-zasadową w organizmie, odzyskać zdrowie i odporność. Dzięki...

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  • Parade – książka

    Parade – książka

    Shuichi Yoshida  

    This is Tokyo as you have never seen it before. A masterpiece of tension from the author of the cult classic Villain Four twenty-somethings share an apartment in Tokyo. In Parade each tells their story: their lives, their hopes and fears, their loves, their secrets. Kotomi waits by the phone for a boyfriend who never calls. Ryosuke wants someone that he can’t have. Mirai spends her days drawing and...

    Cena: 41,00 zł


  • Quicksand – książka

    Quicksand – książka

    Henning Mankell  

    In January 2014 Henning Mankell was informed that he had cancer. However, Quicksand is not a book about death, but about what it means to be human. Mankell writes about love and jealousy, courage and fear, about what it is like to live with a fatal illness. This book is also about why the cave painters 40,000 years ago chose the very darkest places for their fascinating pictures. And about the dreadful...

    Cena: 48,30 zł


  • Wanting – książka

    Wanting – książka

    Richard Flanagan  

    Mathinna, an Aboriginal girl from Van Diemen’s Land, is adopted by nineteenth-century explorer, Sir John Franklin, and his wife, Lady Jane. Franklin is confident that shining the light of reason on Mathinna will lift her out of savagery and desire. But when Franklin dies on an Arctic expedition, Lady Jane writes to Charles Dickens, asking him to defend Franklin’s reputation amid rumours of his crew...

    Cena: 41,00 zł


  • Jumpin Jack Flash – książka

    Jumpin Jack Flash – książka

    Keiron Pim  

    Revelatory.Daily Telegraph). Fascinating. (Observer). Engrossing.(Daily Mail). David Litvinoff was one of the great mythic characters of '60s London. Flitting between the worlds of music, art and crime, he exerted a hidden influence that helped create the Krays twins' legend, connected the Rolling Stones with London's dark side, shaped the plot of classic film Performance - and saw him immortalised...

    Cena: 50,40 zł


  • Satin Island – książka

    Satin Island – książka

    Tom McCarthy  

    'Smart, shimmering and thought-provoking... McCarthy is a born novelist, a pretty fantastic one, who has figured out a way to make cultural theory funny, scary and suspenseful - in other words, compulsively readable' New York Times

    Cena: 33,60 zł


  • Treasure Islands – książka

    Treasure Islands – książka

    Nicholas Shaxson  

    Billionaire Warren Buffet, currently the third wealthiest man in the world, paid the lowest rate of tax among his office staff, including his receptionist. In 2006 the world's three biggest banana companies did nearly £400 million worth of business in Britain but paid just £128,000 in tax between them. In January 2009, US law enforcement fined Lloyds TSB $350 million after it admitted secretly channelling...

    Cena: 48,30 zł


  • Alfred Hitchcock – książka

    Alfred Hitchcock – książka

    Peter Ackroyd  

    Alfred Hitchcock was a strange child. Fat, lonely, burning with fear and ambition, his childhood was an isolated one, scented with fish from his father's shop. Afraid to leave his bedroom, he would plan great voyages, using railway timetables to plot an exact imaginary route across Europe. So how did this fearful figure become the one of the most respected film directors of the twentieth century? As...

    Cena: 48,00 zł


  • The Time Machine – książka

    The Time Machine – książka

    H. G. Wells  

    In the Time Traveller`s miraculous new machine, we will be carried from a Victorian dinner table to 802,701 AD, when the Earth is divided between the gentle, ineffective Eloi, and the ape-like Morlocks; forward again by a million years or so to glimpse a dying world of blood-red beaches and menacing shapes; and on again to the last days of our planet, a remote twilight where nothing moves but darkness...

    Cena: 30,50 zł


  • H is for Hawk – książka

    H is for Hawk – książka

    Helen Macdonald  

    As a child, Helen Macdonald was determined to become a falconer, learning the arcane terminology and reading all the classic books. Years later, when her father died and she was struck deeply by grief, she became obsessed with the idea of training her own goshawk.

    Cena: 41,00 zł


Liczba pozycji: 224

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