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German Vocabulary for Beginners. Listen & Learn to Speak – audiobook


Dorota Guzik  

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DIM - Nauka i Multimedia


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Kurs języka niemieckiego w języku angielskim (dla osób biegle władających językiem angielskim).

German Vocabulary for Beginners. Listen & Learn to Speak. Pack of 3 courses: Start talking + 1000 Basic Words & Phrases in Practice +1000 Basic Words & Phrases at Work

These audio courses are aimed to break down the speaking barrier and to master the vocabulary required in typical situations. All the words and expressions are recorded with translations, which enables easier use of the courses and allows for faster mastery and consolidation of the material. A Reading Booklet to be used with the audio lessons is included in PDF format. This is effective learning, easy and available to everyone.

Each lesson contains:

  • learning of the words and phrases needed to conduct conversations;
  • repeating and consolidating of whole sentences and questions in various situations;
  • answering questions and independent formation of sentences while following the teacher’s instructions.

German Vocabulary for Beginners. Listen & Learn to Speak - audiobook

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