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”Firebrand” Trevison – ebook


Charles Alden Seltzer   Charles Alden Seltzer  






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Charles Alden Seltzer was one of 20th century America’s most prolific authors, and his specialty was Westerns that were so popular in the country in the decades after the frontier had been completely settled. In addition to the books he wrote, Seltzer would have a role in dozens of films as well, making him one of the most instrumental figures in the genre. „"Firebrand” Trevison” is a story about a ranch owner who runs afoul of a land grabber, both of whom are in love with the same girl, the daughter of a railroad owner. Firebrand Trevison is a different kind of cowboy. He stands up for what he believes in despite the law. When Corrigan tries to swindle all the local homesteaders from their land it’s Treviston who saves the day. Twists and turns in the plot keeps the reader guessing.

”Firebrand” Trevison - ebook

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