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A Trip to Mars – ebook


Fenton Ash  





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An exciting science fiction adventure, in which two Edwardian schoolboys Gerald Wilton and Jack Lawford journey on a trip to Mars, where they have various adventures and help to suppress a revolt. The story opens in the Southern Seas with the fall of what is at first taken for an immense meteorite, but really is a Martian airship. The heroes, in company with a few other denizens of this earth, are invited to return to Mars, and what they do and see there, make a tale well worth reading. This story is a simple variation on the theme of „A Son of the Stars”, but it is not a sequel thereto. Its most original feature is the spaceship used to transport the heroes, a compound or the organic and inorganic that qualifies as an early cyborg.

A Trip to Mars - ebook

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