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An African Millionaire – ebook


Grant Allen  






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Colonel Cuthbert Clay is a master of disguise and an ingenious con man who sets his sights on the South African Millionaire, Sir Charles Vandrift, a millionaire owner of diamond mines in Africa. Each chapter brings new cringing on the reader’s part as we realize before Charles does that he is about to be a victim anew. As his South African diamond fortune takes hit after hit from the quick-witted master of disguise, the author leaves even the reader guessing: who can you trust? Colonel Clay has a female sidekick, Madame Picardet, whose charms are not wasted on Charles, no matter what appearance she takes. He repeatedly falls for her distractions as Colonel Clay primes him for the next sting. Twelve clever, extremely readable and entertaining tales about the „first important rogue in short crime fiction.” A classic of crime and adventure, Grant Allen’s „An African Millionaire” is perfect for fans of books such as „Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Thief”.

An African Millionaire - ebook

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