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Athabasca Bill – ebook


Bessie Marchant  






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In Alberta, Canada, young Fred’s family awaits the return of their father who is looking for a site for a new home for them. But just as he return, bloodhounds seeking the thief who stole a box containing hundreds of dollars trace the scent to Fred’s father. Fred sets out to find Athabasca Bill who may have information that will prove that his father is innocent. Elizabeth Marchant (1862–1941) was a prolific English writer who wrote in the style of the Victorian adventure novel. She was born in Petham in Kent and preferred to be known as Bessie. In many of her novels the lead characters in her books were very often female, although she did write books with male heroes. „Athabasca Bill: A Tale of the Far West” is a must-read for anyone in need for a dose of entertaining, worthwhile writing.

Athabasca Bill - ebook

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